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U.S. Forest Service Southern Region Honors Georgians for Work to Restore Brook Trout

IMG_0052Native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout. They may be small in size but are big on color, long on legacy and downright fun to catch. Living jewels in cold mountain streams, brookies, or ‘specs’ as they are called in the Georgia mountains, are a clear indication of how well our headwater streams are fairing.  Georgia Trout Unlimited as well the U.S. Forest Service – Chattahoochee National Forest and Georgia DNR – Fisheries, have been partnering for years to protect, enhance and restore Georgia’s native coldwater game fish in a partnership named Back-the-Brookie.

Recently, Back-the-Brookie was named the recipient of the U.S. Forest Service’s Southern Regional Forester Award for Partners/Community Engagement. Continue reading


Georgia DNR Ignores Sporstmen

Take ActionAnglers’ and hunters’ license fees directly support Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) law enforcement. Yet sportsmen where not invited to participate in DNR’s stakeholder process considering a major reorganization of DNR law enforcement. The DNR, DNR Board, Governor’s Office, legislators, law enforcement and the media were all participants in a stakeholder process to determine how anglers’ and hunters’ license fees would be spent.

This reorganization will unequivocally be the single greatest change in how DNR delivers conservation services since the department was created in 1972. A total of eighty six commissioned law enforcement officials will be removed from patrolling trout streams, game areas and lakes.  Many DNR wildlife technicians as well as state park supervisors have a dual responsibility that includes law enforcement. They can issue citations and make arrests enforcing Georgia’s conservation laws and keeping the peace. Under the reorganization, they will lose their commissions and have to call for assistance when infractions are observed or reported instead of taking immediate action. Continue reading