Take Action: Protect Your Heritage

TU Trout Magazine Winter 2010 Cover Rod-ReelHelp to ensure that your children and grandchildren inherit the wild places that you enjoy. Arm yourself with the facts. Join with fellow sportsmen and women to make a difference, partner on local, regional and national issues affecting cold, clean, fishable water and your right to fish and hunt.

I have had numerous elected officials tell me that a few phone calls, emails or faxes from informed, concerned constituents grabs their attention. Trout Unlimited’s Action Center, the Camo Coalition and GEAN outfit you with background facts on important issues and provide an editable message to email. It’s as easy a three mouse clicks! Make a difference. Take action today. Continue reading


Capitol Castings | What’s in Your Wallet?

Georgia Capitol

Georgia Capitol

The good news is that the hatcheries are not on the chopping block this year and cutbacks are not as deep as in recent years.

Money dominated the Georgia General Assembly’s schedule in the form of budget negotiations. Everyone has their heads buried in the budget. Remember that this week is early in the appropriations process and early in the session. So, it is wise to keep in mind that proposed budget may resemble but will not be the same as the one to be passed later in the session. We’ll keep you informed on changes that may affect cold, clean, fishable water. The bills filed count is the same as last week with 110 House Bills and 48 House Resolutions along with 49 Bills and 27 Resolutions from the Senate filed. See last week’s blog, Capital Castings | Convening, for more budget info. Continue reading

Capitol Castings | Convening

Bravo Zulu

Bravo Zulu

Bravo Zulu GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries! (BZ is a succinct compliment, often used by the Marines and Navy, meaning Well Done.) According to Gov. Deal’s new budget proposal, the number of dollars generated for Georgia’s economy per dollar of state funds spent on fisheries management and fisheries is $407! That’s a 407% return on investment and up from $242 per dollar spent in 2012. BZ indeed!

What happened under the Gold Dome last week that’s of concern to cold, clean, fishable water? The 2013-2014 Georgia General Assembly went into session on Monday. During the session’s first week, 110 House Bills and 48 House Resolutions along with 49 Bills and 27 Resolutions from the Senate have been filed. Here’s the highlights… Continue reading

Hook and Bullet Day at the Capitol

Sportsmans Day 2013

L-R: Mack Martin, Alex Watson, Jim Kidd, Carl Riggs, Charlie Breithaupt, Garland Stewart

This past Thursday, sportsmen of all stripes – anglers, hunters, fresh and salt water, deer, duck and upland descended on the Georgia Capitol for Sportsman’s Day. The message was outdoor recreation is big business and we vote! Participating groups emphasized the importance of wildlife and sport fish restoration programs to Georgia’s economy and quality of life.

“For years, we have celebrated this day and the impact that conservation and outdoor recreation have on our state,” said Scott Tanner, the event organizer. “Hunting and freshwater fishing directly support more than 31,000 jobs and generating more than $3 billion annually. Plus, our coastal resources are responsible for an impact of more than $2 billion through tourism and saltwater fishing industry.” Continue reading

Speaking for Trout and Salmon

AD∙VO∙CATE n.  (AD•vuh•kit) one who defends or supports a person or cause: an advocate for protection of coldwater resources.

GA Capitol

The Georgia General Assembly will convene at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, January 14, 2013. Keep posted with Peach State Trout about issues and events that affect Georgia’s trout fishing and streams. We’ll keep you up to date and let you know when and who to contact to keep our trout streams cold, clean and fishable.

At its core, advocacy is the process of taking a position and persuading others of it merits with the goal of securing consensus or a decision that advances a position. Trout Unlimited has a long history of advocacy successes, many due to the hard work of people who never would have described themselves as advocates. In fact, TU’s effectiveness lies in the willingness of grassroots volunteers—people like you—to conduct “on-the-ground” restoration projects and to serve as advocates supporting Trout Unlimited’s mission to conserve, protect and restore our trout fisheries and their watersheds. Continue reading

Pass It Along – Protecting the Places We Love to Fish

ResolveI read somewhere that our New Year’s pledges to become better individuals and improve personal relationships were to do lists for the first few weeks of January. Don’t let that happen. Also do not let 2013 end without passing along your passion to fish and respect for the beautiful places fish live.

Most likely you are already doing something. Most anglers cannot contain themselves after a great day on the river and want to tell everyone about it. That enthusiasm is infectious and makes folks interested. Here are a few simple things that you can do to engage the people you know. Continue reading

A Forest Grows through Offshore Drilling

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The Chattahoochee National Forest recently announced that it added nearly seven acres of land with over 500 feet of Chattahoochee River frontage to the Forest. The tract lies north of Robertstown, GA and just downstream of Spoilcane Creek. Partnering with the Trust for Public Land, the Forest used the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) for the purchase.

LWCF LogoLWCF was created by Congress in 1965 to safeguard natural areas,water resources and our cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans.

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