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Capitol Castings | Break on through to the other side…

Georgia General Assembly Crossover DayYou know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run
Tried to hide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side, yeah
We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
But can you still recall
The time we cried
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side…
– The Doors

We’re now on the other side of Crossover Day under the Gold Dome at the Georgia Assembly. It was a hatch of activity and a long day last Thursday, Day 30 – Crossover Day. The lyrics from the Doors classic may ring familiar for many Senators and Representatives. In order for legislation to move forward this year, bills must have passed a floor vote in at least one chamber. Bills not voted upon are recommitted to their committees. Those failing a floor vote fall like spinners at the end of a hatch. Continue reading


Capitol Castings | Tight Lines

Georgia Capitol HouseTight lines. That’s what Speaker David Ralston (R) 7th – Blue Ridge seeks to provide with his ethics bill – HB 142. The bill would require members of organizations, like Trout Unlimited, actively representing its mission for more than five days per year to register as lobbyists. The current registration fee is proposed to be reduced from $325 per year to $25 to cover the cost of providing a lobbyist badge. Registered lobbyists would be required to wear their badge and submit periodic reports of their activities. The registration and reporting requirements seem reasonable to Georgia Trout Unlimited. Other aspects of the bill trouble some Georgia Water Coalition partners by not imposing tighter restrictions on gifts and spending. House Bill 142 was modified by House Rules and set for a floor vote on Monday, February 25th. Continue reading

Capitol Castings | How Short is Your Leash?

Georgia Capitol Gordon StatueGA EPD would be on a short leash if HB 255 is enacted. Rep. Tom Kirby (R) 114th-Loganville has suggested that no GA EPD rules should be put into effect until after being approved by the General Assembly. The current process is that the General Assembly sets policy by passing the laws and the agencies administer the laws by implementing rules. Lawmakers have complained in the past that agencies sometimes enact policy by writing rules and then come back to the legislature to codify the rules. This is not a perfect system but the process outlined in HB 255 could bring rulemaking to a standstill. Certainly, lawmakers would need to be much more specific in drafting legislation. Continue reading